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This week we are concentrating on PSED - Personal, Social, Emotional Development

Please look at the following age appropriate activities for your child and have fun. It is best if you spend time showing your child what to do then practise together lots and lots and then after a few days or weeks of doing this see if they are able to do the activities independently. Praise achievements and encourage a 'Never mind, lets try again' approach. Once they can confidently do that then take a photo, write a bit about what you have done together (if you want to) and email it to us. We will then print this and add it to their Development Journal.



Young Babies

Body Parts

Find toys that have a mirror and point to the body parts, exploring each others facial features.

Sing and do the actions to 'Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes'

Encourage you child to point to the things they want.

Respond to what babies show you they are interested in and want to do, by providing a variety of activities, stories and games.

Your turn, my turn, games

Build a tower together using one brick at a time each saying "My turn." place the brick and then "Your turn." get them to place their brick. Keep going until the tower falls and start again. 

Talk to your child about puzzles they encounter such as how to get their sock back from where it has fallen, asking whether they can do it or if they might need help.


Decision making - deciding what to wear!

Give your child  the choice between two tops and/or two trousers/dresses etc when getting dressed and encourage them to help you.

Look a mirror and talk about clothes they have chosen, colour, patterns, etc. When having a sit on the potty get them to pull up their own pants, trousers, etc.

Washing their own hands!

Let them feed themselves with a fork and spoon giving them time to scoop and be successful.

Take turns in games using "Daddy's turn" "Luke's turn" language. 


Toilet training!

Why not used this time at home to start toilet training your child. Please refer to your child's communication book where we have previously entered advice on this or alternatively look at the ERIC website. www.eric.org.uk 

Snack time!

Make snacks together. Let your child butter their own toast or cut up their banana, etc. They can get the correct number of plate and cups and pour their own drinks.

Give your child choices of which items the could where each day. talk about why they have chosen each one and let them dress themselves giving them time to achieve this. Name the body parts as they get dressed and add in some more complicated ones.

Encourage turn taking when playing games naming whose turn it is next and praising them for waiting.


Create your own house rules!

Ask your child what they think the house rules should be and make a list of six. These should be written in the positive for example, if the say 'Don't run' turn the rule into 'We walk inside'. When you have decided on your six, make a poster to remind you of what they are and encourage ALL of the family to stick to them!

Play games that involve turn taking.

Encourage your child to wait for their turn and praise their efforts. Snap is an easy game as well as most board game types of games.

Encourage you child to help you around the house.

Sorting the washing into coloured piles then putting a pile in the washing machine. Getting the correct number of knives and forks at meal times. Washing and/or drying some of the dishes (small items, plastic or cutlery work best) they can also put these in the correct cupboard if reachable.

Most importantly of all HAVE FUN!

Here are some useful web-sites for more ideas.



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